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Flash mob raises awareness about alcohol abuse during pregnancy

Whilst our population goes down through voluntary birth control, alcoholics produce children with fetal alcohol syndrome. But no one calls for compulsory birth control, for the alcoholics and other drug addicts.

9 September 2011
Pregnant pause at Aberdeen flash gathering

A flash mob to highlight fetal alcohol problems has taken place in Aberdeen city centre.

The event at the Trinity Centre was part of a UK-wide "Pregnant Pause" flash mob.

The National Organisation on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS-UK) stunt took place at 09:09 - on 9 September - to mark the nine months of pregnancy.

Participants placed a balloon up their tops and then froze for exactly nine minutes, before moving off.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a pattern of mental and physical defects that can develop in a fetus in association with high levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

A new booklet - Pregnancy, Parenting and Alcohol, produced by NHS Grampian - was also launched at the event, and there will be an information stand in the shopping centre throughout the day.
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