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Poll shows that 92% of MPs support the use of independent counselling to reduce abortions

A poll shows that 92% of MPs support impartial abortion counselling, yet David Cameron is about to give in to the pro-choice fanatics among the Lib Dems. Even though 73% of Liberal Democrat voters indicated that they would like their MP to vote for abortion counselling changes, meaning that the Tories stand to potentially gain from the Lib Dems on this.

Press Release
For immediate release
1 September 2011

Survey Reveals Overwhelming Parliamentary Support for Independent Abortion Counselling

A ComRes poll published today reveals that over 90% of MPs support the principle that women considering an abortion should have access to advice from someone who had no financial interest in the outcome of her decision.

The survey found that 92% of MPs agreed with the statement that ‘a woman should have the right to impartial advice when considering having an abortion, from a source that has no commercial interest in her decision'.
An amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill, tabled by Nadine Dorries MP and Rt Hon Frank Field MP, that seeks to secure the provision of independent information, advice and counseling are expected to be discussed next week.

If adopted, the amendment would ensure that non-compulsory counseling was made available to women considering abortion from a source that the she could be sure had no financial interest in whether or not she proceeded to have an abortion.

Commenting on the findings a spokesperson for Right to Know said:

“The widespread support for the objectives of this campaign is unsurprising. It is important that conflicts of interest are removed from the provision of abortion counseling.”

"We want to see women considering abortion provided with the space to think through their decision. This is not a party-political issue. The welfare of women is at stake here.

“As we learned from the pension mis-selling scandal, it is vital that there is a separation between those providing advice and those selling a product or service. That way, the public can have confidence in the quality of the advice that they are receiving. This amendment seeks to extend that principle to abortion services.”
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